segunda-feira, dezembro 15, 2008

Emma could not believe...

Emma could not believe what she saw in front of her.

She was standing still, alone, shivering and feeling her feet so cold that she couldn't move an inch. Somehow, everybody had vanished. She couldn't hear anything but her own breath.

Her golden hair was shining in the moonlight. She thought she'd heard some whispers... "It could be somebody..." she thought, feeling goosebumps.

That forest wasn't very cozy... what was that girl doing? Lost in the woods, when she had to be with her boyfriend, at her comfortable and warm home, celebrating his birthday...

The remaing light had slowly faded away. She fell to her knees and gazed at the moon. Her eyelids closed, she was too tired to walk out of there, maybe it was just really bad dream.

Pequena prosa elaborada para a minha aula de Inglês. A professora deu-nos a primeira frase e devíamos continuá-la numa short story.
Ela pareceu-me um pouco assustada com o meu estilo, lol. Talvez demasiado sombrio... :D

2 comentários:

Vivi disse...

Um bocaidnho sombrio para a professora, sim.
Alegra-te ela não conhecer este blog! =P

Agora a sério... Está fixe e este blog É fixe ^^

Mario disse...

Sombrio mas gostoso! muito à frente!